Some of our Principles
The Fatherhood of God
The Brotherhood of Man
The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels
The continuous existence of the Human Soul
Personal responsibility
Eternal progress open to every Human Soul
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Executive Committee

Minister Myrrha Hibbert, Tel: 0115 964 2171

Mrs Liz Goddard OSNU,  Tel: 01332 523587


Treasurer:                                                                                         Mr Paul Dixon, Tel: 0115 960 4817.

Secretary:                                                                                          Miss Helen Harris, Tel: 07817 780708

National Councillor:                                                                                     Minister Myrrha Hibbert, Tel: 0115 964 2171.

Individual Members

c/o SecretaryTel: 07817 780708 

Healing Representative:                                                                                     Mrs Jean Stevens CSNU, Tel: 01623 842143

District Communications Representative:                                                                                   Miss Helen Harris, Tel: 07817 780708

Lyceum Representative:                                                                 Minister Myrrha Hibbert, Tel: 0115 964 2171


Florence Ward OSNU
Helen Wall


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