Some of our Principles
The Fatherhood of God
The Brotherhood of Man
The continuous existence of the human soul
Personal responsibility
Eternal progress open to every human soul


It is our pleasure and privilege to give you a warm and loving welcome to this our Worksop National Spiritualists’ Church web-site and assure you of a friendly atmosphere at our Church at George Street, Worksop.


Speakers & Demonstrators 2015/6



 2 Kat Edley  3 Katherine Crossley
 9 Joanne Huckett  10 Pauline Silver
 16 Tom McRory  17 Min. Steven Upton & Stella Upton
 23 Penny Chisholm  24 Min. Jenny Peacock
 30 Linda Jones  


   1 Christine Stewart
 7 Jackie Kershaw  8 Jean Pearson & June Jardine
 14 Julian Crump  15 Linda Shepherd
 21 Denise Schofield  22 Les Driver
 28 Min. Nora Stringer  29 Margaret Pearson


 4 Neil Kemp  5 Pietro Politano
 11 Min. Jeanette Cookson  12 Susan Ashcroft
 18 Sharon Wheatley  19 Carolyn Allsopp
 25 Joanne Woods  26 Michael Fenn
Church closes Sunday December 18. Re-Opens Saturday, January 4, 2016
Cancellations may make alterations necessary at short notice.


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